Mario Minakami



Voiced by

Shun Oguri

Japanese Name

水上 真理雄(みなかみ まりお)

Minakami Mario (水上 真理雄 Minakami Mario?) (voiced by: Shun Oguri) is the unofficial, 17-year-old leader of the six new boys. He was sentenced[to where?] after inflicting life-threatening injuries to one of his teachers when he discovered the man attempting to rape a female student. He tried to pick a fight with Sakuragi the first day they met but was knocked out easily. Mario later came to admire Sakuragi, then began to train to box under him.

After leaving the Reformatory, he works as a bartender, and is in love with Setsuko (although she later gets married to someone else and leaves Mario because she was worried about her future[non-sequitur]).

Mario has been shown to be a very straight man, and will often take blame or suffer injuries for the sake of others. Mario, like the six others, shows immense willpower and self-discipline.

He has black hair, giving him an appearance similar to that of Sakuragi.[contradicts infobox picture]

Mario is a naturally talented boxer, which was first noted by Sakuragi in his speech to the six boys in his pre-release[clarify]. As a boxer, Mario is very strong and enduring because of his experiences in the reformatory and training with Sakuragi.