Ryuuji Nomoto

Ryuuji Nomoto (野本 龍次 Nomoto Ryuuji?) (voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara), nicknamed Scam (バレモト Baremoto, lit. Uncovered?), is the most intelligent of the seven boys. He was sent to the disciplinary school for con, fraud, and theft, particularly in shopping centers. When he was young, he and his mother were very poor. After learning that his mother sold her body[clarify] to acquire food, he grew to distrust everyone. It was only after meeting Sakuragi and the others that he learned to value friendship again. While he has no fighting skills of his own, he is incredibly smart, capable of thinking of very complicated plans, which have helped the boys multiple times. He is apparently studying after leaving the Reformatory. He grows his hair later on. He is seventeen years old.