Yokosuka Jou is the quietest of the boys. He was sent to the disciplinary school after inflicting life-threatening injuries upon a man who attempted to rape him. He is an orphan, has a younger sister named Meg, and is half-European, half-Japanese.

Appareance Edit

Jou is half-Japanese, which is why he is blonde. If,[clarify] at the beginning of the series, he has a shaven skull, he grows his blonde hair longer later on. His unusual pale skin and blue eyes gives him a somewhat innocent, vulnerable look. He is described as very cute and handsome, being the target of numerous perverts who want to rape him. He has a mole under his left eye.

Personality Edit

Jou is shown to be shy, reserved and quiet. However, he is shown to be very strong, as shown when he was tied up by Dr. Sasaki. He can also be very menacing when he has the upper hand of some sort.[clarify] He wants to sing, as to reach his sister.[clarify]

Biography Edit

Joe is a talented artist and has a majestic beautiful voice, it was first noted in "Episode 17" when the band (Five-Lemons) he's assisting needed a vocalist, since theirs didn't come on time. He was later beat up and threatened by the Five-Lemons for his immense skill and charm to take the crowd by storm, as he was viewed as competition. He was later picked up by a elderly lady called Yamaguchi, she promised him that she would make him a star under one condition and that was: he having intercourse with her. And she helped him out and instructed him and gave him singing lessons, but to no use. After coming late to a show, because of the interruption of Five-Lemons and their manager where they were threatened to be killed, he was neglected by[who? calling him a reformatory loser together with Mario and Cabbage. After Yamaguchi left, Mario, Turtle, and Cabbage listened to Joe's last song. Under the song,[clarify] his younger sister came to the podium, and he was once again reunited with her.

Joe is also seemed to be best of friends with Turtle, as his decisions to help Turtle over their time in the reformatory, as well as helping him escape when he[who?] wanted to find his[whose?] little sister. 

Relationships Edit

  • Noboru Maeda (Suppon): Suppon is obviously Joe's best friend. The two get along very well and constantly support each other, even in tough moments. Suppon is alays willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of Joe, as shown when he bit his own arm to allow his friend to escape and find his sister.
  • Sakuragi Rokurota (Anchan):